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Stephan Smith is a currency strategist and currency trader who started StephanSmithFX.com in order to share his thoughts and opinions about the fundamental economic developments of various countries, share his opinions regarding central banks and the monetary policies they implement, give some forecasts regarding monetary policy actions central banks may implement in the future and commentate on current and future currency trading price valuations.


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Recent Media Exposure

Stephan has made an appearance on Dukascopy TV (Swiss Financial Television) on May 28th, 2012

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Stephan Smith

Stephan Smith

Born in 1987, Stephan Smith has been following global economies since the age of 22. His objective is to make sense of the ever shifting global economies in an effort to make informed, educated forecasts of currency valuations. That’s where the ‘FX‘ in Stephan Smith FX comes in. FX stands for foreign exchange (also known as the currency market and forex), which is the largest financial market in the world.

This website offers a lot of value to anyone who is interested in currency trading (also known as Forex trading). Stephan believes that to be able to trade currencies profitably, one must understand the fundamental factors that makes a currency’s valuation fluctuate. Understanding the monetary policies central banks implement as well as the economic statistics of the countries whose currency you’re trading is essential for profitability. That coupled with proper technical analysis and patience is vital for success and is actively promoted via this website.

You should also find value on this website if you’re an investor in other assets. If your investments involve stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and other kinds of futures such as agriculture and oil, then this website should be a valuable resource. As you may know, the economic situation of a country can significantly affect various assets, not just currencies.

The best way to protect your investments is to stay informed about economic developments and newly implemented monetary policies, not just in your own country, but in other countries as well. Though Stephan Smith FX is not a news oriented website, Stephan Smith provides a way for you to stay informed by accessing his unique and exclusive content covering the overall themes of recent developments.

Some of the topics covered on this website involve…

  • Central Banks & Monetary Policies – Articles about central banks and their monetary policies.
  • Countries’ Economic Statistics – Articles about various countries’ economic statistics.
  • Currency Valuations & Trading – Articles about various currency pair price fluctuations and technical analysis.
  • Explanations & Definitions – Definitions and explanations about key economic, monetary policy and Forex trading oriented terms used throughout this website.
  • Currency Trading Performance – Coverage over my personal trades in the Foreign Exchange Market.
  • Personal Developments – Coverage over my personal life as well as website news regarding traffic, media exposure and more.

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