December 2010

Currency Trading

December 30, 2010

Are you familiar with currency trading? Do you know what it is? If you aren’t familiar, don’t worry because a great majority of people are in the same boat. Stock trading and bond trading are well known financial activities but for some reason currency trading isn’t. If you want to learn more about currency trading, […]


Fundamental Economic Developments

December 11, 2010

Currency traders all have their own ways of determining when to buy a currency, when to sell a currency and when to do nothing. Some currency traders like to use only technical analysis, some only like to use fundamental analysis, while others like to use a blend between the two. I personally like to use […]


Currency Trader

December 10, 2010

I’m sure you’ve heard of a stock trader or bond trader, but have you heard of currency trader? Do you know what a currency trader is? If you do, then you have knowledge about something that a great majority of people don’t have knowledge about. Whenever I mention that I am a currency trader, I […]



December 9, 2010

Boy oh boy, this is a monstrous topic. Welcome to my post titled, economics. On this page, I plan to cover the basics of economics. I’ll explain what it is and why I think economics is an interesting subject. I don’t plan to go too deeply into this subject because I will probably be writing […]



December 7, 2010

I remember when I was younger, while watching one of my favorite news channels, that I heard the term ‘economist‘ numerous times from various nicely dressed, highly refined news broadcast anchors. I would hear news anchors say things like, “Many economists believe the economy is going to improve.” or “Economists are very optimistic about the […]


Contractionary Monetary Policy

December 7, 2010

Get ready for another one of those very intimidating terms used by central bankers all over the world. That term is contractionary monetary policy. Now before your eyes glaze over, I want you to really focus and read this page, because by doing so you will learn what contractionary monetary policy is, what affect it […]


Expansionary Monetary Policy

December 5, 2010

Tilt your head up, clear your throat and say, expansionary monetary policy. What a phrase. If you go around saying this phase to your friends and family, I’m sure you’ll get people talking about how intelligent you are. You’ll be known as an economic expert. But before you start going to friends and family and […]



December 4, 2010

Meet the dangerous, wild child sibling of inflation, hyperinflation. Capable of completely decimating a currency and an economy, hyperinflation is something that is dreaded by consumers and producers alike. On this page I will be talking about hyperinflation; I will explain what is it (other than it being the dangerous wild child sibling of inflation), […]


Money Supply

December 2, 2010

Many of the actions central banks and commercial banks perform affects the money supply of an the economy they are located in. But what is the ‘money supply’? What does it mean? Is it just what its name suggests or is there more to it? These are all questions I had at one point when […]