January 2011

Forex Trading and Fear

January 31, 2011

Trading currencies can be very taxing on one’s emotions. Let’s face the hard truth, the Foreign Exchange Market has the ability to grant money or take money with the slightest of price movements, and there is nothing a currency trader can do about it. There is nothing a currency trader can do to influence the […]



January 26, 2011

There are some terms that pertains to an economy that are well known. One such term is “employment“. There is a good chance that you, my good reader, are employed via some organization in order to generate an income. Hey, employment is the most popular way to earn money. So if you are earning money, […]



January 24, 2011

On this page I will be taking the time to explain what a “loan” is. If you didn’t know, loans play a very important role in modern societies. It is through loans where commercial banks make the majority of their profits. It is through loans where a majority of small businesses get the capital they […]



January 24, 2011

Are you familiar with the term “producer”? Have you heard or read things like, “Producers are making record profits.” or “Producers aren’t happy with the slow shopping trend.” or anything like that? If you have, it doesn’t surprise me because the term “producer” is used all the time in news articles, mentioned on television and […]


5 Reasons Why I Prefer Long Term Forex Trading

January 15, 2011

It’s no secret that Forex trading, also known as currency trading, can be an extremely profitable endeavorer if one has the skill and the discipline required to profit consistently. It’s kind of hard to miss the seemingly endless stories of how some individual makes a boatload of money trading currencies. I myself have profited from […]



January 14, 2011

Have you ever purchased a carton of milk at a local grocery store? How about buying a pair of tickets for you and your date to see the latest and greatest movie? Have you purchased a birthday present for a loved one? Let’s get more general. Have you ever purchased a product of any type, […]


Commercial Bank

January 11, 2011

There are two popular kinds banking institutions in every established country. One kind of banking institution is known as a central bank. Central banks are the supreme authority in the banking industry. The other kind of banking institution is known as a commercial bank. A commercial bank is regulated and under the direct authority of […]


Supply and Demand

January 10, 2011

What supply and demand represents has major influence on the cost of goods and services in an economy, how central banks determine what monetary policies to implement and thus affects the valuation of currencies and so much more. Supply and demand is a key term that you must know about if you plan to have […]


Open Market Desk

January 7, 2011

There are many components to the Federal Reserve System that make it capable of effectively conjuring up and implementing monetary policies that achieve set objectives. One such component is called the Open Market Desk. If you aren’t sure what the Open Market Desk is, then I recommend that you read the contents on this page. […]


Foreign Exchange Market

January 4, 2011

The foreign exchange market, also known as the currency market and commonly abbreviated as forex or simply ‘FX’, is the largest, most liquid, most actively traded financial market in the world. With an estimated four and half trillion dollars of value being traded everyday, the foreign exchange market is a decentralized network of financial institutions […]