March 2011

United States Treasury Security

March 29, 2011

When it comes to understanding how the Federal Reserve implements most of its monetary polices, where investors move their money when they want safer investments and how the United States acquires more money needed for running the government and all of its programs, then the United States Treasury Security is what you should learn about. […]


Factors That Give Currency Value

March 4, 2011

Currency, in todays world, is one of the most accepted forms of money in circulation today. Used as a tool for exchanging goods and services, currency is an important asset in everyday commerce. Value is easily traded with the help of currency. But is currency itself value? If so, why is it valuable? Isn’t it […]

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The Hidden Factor for Determining Inflation: The Quantity Factor

March 1, 2011

Whenever the money supply of an economy increases at a faster rate than the supply and consumption of goods and services, inflation manifests. Inflation is usually calculated by economists and various other statisticians by assessing price changes for goods and services. If there is a total overall increase in the prices for goods and services, […]