May 2011

Forex Investing or Speculating

May 29, 2011

When I first started trading currencies back in 2010, I constantly read articles, watched news videos and listened to radio broadcasts online and offline referring to Forex trading as speculating and not investing. Deep down, I always had a problem with that. Why isn’t the Currency Market referred to as investing like the Stock Market, […]


Electronic Currency

May 26, 2011

If you’re reading this right now, you are probably familiar with what a currency is. If you’re not sure, it’s that pretty paper in your wallet that you use to buy goods and services with. I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but that particular form of currency (the paper with the designs […]



May 24, 2011

We all know that one of the most powerful institutions in the world are central banks. Having the ability to create and issue currency, which is the most popular form of money, and having the ability to manipulate the value of the very currency they issue, a central bank definitely has influence over all aspects […]


Bank of England

May 23, 2011

If you ever wanted to know what the Bank of England is, then allow me to enlighten you. The Bank of England is the central bank of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1694, the Bank of England is responsible for ensuring monetary stability primarily by encouraging the price stability of goods and services. The Bank […]


Currency Pair

May 11, 2011

Do you know what a currency pair is? Are you familiar with its components as well as what each component signifies? If you aren’t and would like to be familiar and knowledgeable about currency pairs, then this is absolutely the place you want to be. Because on this web page, I will explain what a […]


Price Interest Point

May 3, 2011

As I continue to write content pertaining to currency trading, fundamental economic developments and monetary policy actions taken by central banks, I find myself mentioning a term that I have yet to explain. That term is ‘pip’ and it’s an abbreviation that is thrown around all the time in the currency trading world. But what […]