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The Swiss National Bank Sets Minimum Exchange Rate for EUR/CHF at 1.20

January 30, 2012

The Swiss National Bank, which is the central bank of Switzerland, has announced on September 6th, 2011 that it will set a minimum exchange rate of 1.20 Swiss francs per European euro. Such a policy action is very aggressive and has huge implications on the franc’s valuation, not just against the euro, but against every […]


Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee

February 19, 2011

Welcome to the Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee page. Here is where I will be covering the minutes of the FOMC and sharing my commentary and opinions on what was stated in the minutes. The minutes of the FOMC is one of the most important documents released by the Federal Reserve because it […]


Quantitative Easing

November 9, 2010

If you’re wondering what quantitative easing is, then you’ve made it to the right place because I am going to explain to you exactly what it is, how it affects an economy, who is responsible for performing it, what is reason for performing it, and what it means for an average person.


RBA’s Statement on Monetary Policy

November 6, 2010

Welcome to my post titled ‘Reserve Bank of Australia’s Statement on Monetary Policy’. This is all about the Reserve Bank of Australia and what they plan to do, as revealed on their monthly statement on monetary policy. I will be covering and commenting on the RBA’s statements on monetary policy whenever I get the chance […]


The FED & Quantitative Easing 2

October 31, 2010

With low inflation and even deflation still on the minds of the Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC] and the United States economy not recovering as quickly as the FOMC would like, the Federal Reserve has been talking about easing monetary policy further if the economic and financial outlook continues to deteriorate, by possibly performing another […]


Will The Bank Of England Hike Interest Rates Or Restart Quantitative Easing

October 21, 2010

The United Kingdom is currently in a difficult position. With their economic situation looking less optimistic and prices becoming less stable, the Bank of England is going to have to make some very tough decisions in the next couple of months.


The FED Is Ready For Additional Quantitative Easing

September 26, 2010

Hello everyone, it’s Stephan Smith here and I would like to take this time to talk briefly about the United States economy and what the Federal Reserve is doing in response to it. If you are living in the United States then it mustn’t be a shock to you when I say that the U.S. […]