Currency Quotes

This page contains live realtime streaming currency exchange quotes. Included on this list are the majors as well as some of the less popular currency pairs. Gold and Silver quotes are also available in the list below. I would like to thank ‘CMS Forex’ for providing this service.

Free Forex Quotes: Foreign Exchange Quotes powered by CMS Forex

ISO Currency Codes
USD – United States dollar
EUR – European euro
GBP – British pound
JPY – Japanese yen
CHF – Swiss franc
CAD – Canadian dollar
AUD – Australian dollar
NZD – New Zealand dollar
HKD – Hong Kong dollar
SGD – Singapore dollar
ZAR – South African rand
MXN – Mexican peso
XAU – Gold
XAG – Silver
DKK – Danish krone
PLN – Polish zloty
TRY – Turkish lira
SEK – Swedish krona
NOK – Norwegian krone

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