An Uneducated Populace Is A Potentially Dangerous Populace

by Stephan Smith on November 28, 2010

As I sit here and ponder various social issues that plague numerous countries around the world, I can’t help but think of the fundamental causes for a high percentage of these social issues. Social issues such as hatred and violence between opposing populations, whether it be opposing populations expressing hatred and violence against one another, or one population expressing hatred and violence against another population or populations without hatred and violence being reciprocated prior to the first party expressing it. The population where the hatred and violence is derived and thus social issues arise, comes from a populace who is uneducated and ignorant.

At the most fundamental level, I see it that an educated and rational populace would not deem hatred based violence to be the solution for the problems that is affecting them. Resorting to hatred and violence as a means of a solution to the problems affecting a population is evidence of a population’s inability to conjure up practical, innovative, reasonable and rational answers that would, not only solve the problems that a population is suffering from, but enhance the lives of other populations as well.

That inability to come up with sound solutions to problems affecting a population, is the root to hatred and violence. An analogy that comes to mind is a baby who cannot properly communicate his’ or her’s wants or needs, thus resorts to screaming and crying, which is the manifestation of frustration. A population’s inability to come up with sound solutions to problems that affect them, leads to frustration and inevitability misguided anger. That misguided anger is usually directed to another population or to many populations; which ever population that is deemed to be the cause of the problems suffered by the aggressor.

Consistent anger, if not addressed, leads to hatred. Anger has the ability to interfere with judgement and rational thinking. Generally, passive hatred develops first. The aggressor populace that expresses passive hatred would want nothing to do with the population or populations they deem to be the cause of their problems. However, this will be short lived because simply ignoring a problem or running away from a problem typically doesn’t solve the problem.

And in many cases ignoring the problem or running away from the problem isn’t an acceptable or possible scenario. So, naturally, active hatred develops. When active hatred is born, violence is also. Thus, the common social issue of hatred and violence arises. A social issue that could have been solved before it ever started by being able to come up with solutions to problems affecting the aggressor populace.

How are solutions to problems obtained? By being educated. That is why I believe that an uneducated populace is a potentially dangerous populace, for it doesn’t take much to manipulate and brainwash a population into a hateful and violent thought process. Especially a populace who is riddled with problems; problems they don’t know how to fix. So allow me to reiterate. If a populace is uneducated and thus unable to come up with solutions to problems that it is facing, that populace potentially is a dangerous populace.

*Population and Populace are used interchangeably.

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